The Leading UV Coating for Printed Material in the Pacific Northwest


Environmentally Sound

Ultrakote UV coatings do not contain any solvents and do not give off any solvent emissions. The elimination of solvents makes Ultrakote in complete compliance with the EPA’s regulations for cleaner air through decreased emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Ultrakote UV coatings produce less VOCs than most aqueous-based coatings. Just as important, UV curing does not generate any by-products during the curing process. The UV curing technology is considered as a Best Available Control Technology by the California EPA.


Finished products with Ultrakote UV coating can be recycled with little or no extra effort. In the Northwest, Weyerhaeuser Corporation has examined sheets coated with Ultrakote and has determined that they may be recycled when included in the Mixed Waste category of stock. Fibres International, recycling specialists in the Northwest, reports that Ultrakote UV coating is recyclable, and since January, 1991, has been accepting Ultrakote waste as part of their recycling services. Printed magazines, packaging, postcards, catalogs, manual covers, and product literature with UV coating are recycled daily. The recycling ability of UV coating is equal to that of aqueous coating.

Safe to Use

The use of Ultrakote UV coating reduces waste and adds to the life-span of printed products. UV curing also offers considerable reductions of energy requirements during the curing cycle compared to heat-drying processes. The lack of any solvents in UV increases worker safety, and the manufacturing process of Ultrakote UV coating does not involve the use of any known carcinogens.